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BEAL & COMPANY, INC. - Restoration Services!

Because there are many unknown or unforeseen repairs on any restoration project; (for example, there may be rust hidden just beneath another metal structure), it isn't possible to accurately forecast the cost of restoring a vehicle. It is for this reason that all of our restorations are done on a time/material basis. Each project will hold its share of unique repair challenges. Initial cost estimates are simply a best guess proposition.

Remember, the idea of an "inexpensive restoration" is just one of the many myths held by people, not fully understanding the true meaning and scope of the word. Auto restoration is not for everyone. The vehicle owner must make a substantial financial commitment before deciding to restore. An advance deposit is required until the project is complete.


» Fine tolerances of standard filler (1/8 inch under)
» Use of NOS or reproduction parts in place of original parts in some cases.
» Vehicle is primed and blocked at least twice, maybe more. Use of polyester primer, then two part quality    sealer, and then two part quality primer.
» Finer grits of sandpaper used in sanding process.
» Moderate polishing will be performed to eliminate dirt specs and imperfections in vehicle paint. Some    imperfections may still be inherent.
» Paint to be original manufacturers specification. Although more buffing and sanding may be performed to bring    out a quality shine. Customer can opt for a custom paint job at their request.
» Frame off restoration will be performed strictly under consent of customer and is sometimes necessary or    recommended. This will raise the cost significantly.
» Majority of blocking and sanding will be done by hand, but machine sanding will be utilized when applicable.
» Paint will be normally of a base coat/clear coat application.
» Chrome & moldings will be removed.
» Doors, hood, & deck lid will be removed.
» Most panels will be fully skim coated for straightness.
» Most body lines will be matched evenly if not all of them.

Optional features that can be added with additional cost:

  • Frame Off Restoration
  • Frame Undercoating (POR 15)
  • Bed Liner
  • Engine Compartment Detailing
  • Custom Upholstery
  • Additional Base or Clear Coats for paint finish
  • Tri & Quad Coat Paint Finishes
  • Custom Paint Effects (Flames, Pin Striping, etc)
  • Extra Polishing & Buffing
  • Custom Metal Fabrication (Not Stock)
  • Air Ride Suspension
Digital Photo Journal:   Each active restoration is documented every step of the way with an extensive digital photo diary. Pictures are taken of the vehicles progress and then downloaded to a custom file.

Frequently asked questions :

Q. - How much will it cost to restore my vehicle? How many of your parts will need to be replaced due to quality issues? How many rust holes are actually present? How long will it take to search for parts, or even fit them to your vehicle?

A. - For these reasons and others like them, it is impossible to estimate the cost of a full restoration. With so many unforeseen obstacles surfacing daily and weekly during the restoration process, an estimate is just flat out deceiving. Often customers make the mistake of going with a shop that will give them an estimate. Big Mistake! These shops often end up realizing they have underbid the job and begin looking for cost cutting maneuvers to save the shop money. Is that the kind of craftsmanship you want, because it's definitely not the kind your classic vehicle deserves. Truth is the cost of your vehicle will be determined by the overall condition of the vehicle and the availability of quality parts as well as the owner. Bottom line is WE DO NOT GIVE ESTIMATES AT ANY TIME!

Q. - How long will it take to restore my vehicle?

A. - As long as it takes to do it right. Putting a time table on a project of this nature only sacrifices quality and craftsmanship. It all depends on condition, parts, and the owners vision. However, detailed photos and timeline journals will keep you informed of your vehicles progress and cost every week. We have built solid relationships with our vendors and perfected our parts hunting techniques. Due to the limited manpower, Beal & Company cannot search for parts if the vehicle is not being actively restored at our facility.

Q. - Is my vehicle worth restoring?

A. - Unfortunately this is a question only the owner of the vehicle can answer. The cost of the restoration almost always exceeds the value. Truth is value is determined by the customer. Why do you want this car restored? Does it have sentimental value? How much can you honestly afford to spend? Ask yourself these questions, only then will you know whether your vehicle is worth restoring.